2023 Personal 1/1 Collection Lookbook


Chapiter is an American contemporary streetwear brand envisioned and created by the Founder/Owner Cameron LeGe. Cameron was born in Detroit, Michigan, but raised in a combination of Detroit, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. This allowed his creativity to blossom in a way that combines 3 different environments into one cohesive brand. The brand represents elegance, confidence, and originality all at once and transfers that to its peers.

Chapiter is a brand that identifies as contemporary streetwear meaning it aims for simple, familiar silhouettes but uses unique patterns and colors to ensure that you is confident. Clothing is a way that people express themselves, and our brand goal is to make you the center of attention and feel amazing while doing it. Chapiter is a brand for men who want to be trendsetters, decision-makers, and rock stars. There's always room to grow and now you have a brand to grow with you.

Each piece sold by Chapiter uses the highest quality fabric that is imported into the US and then hand-sewn by Cameron. This makes each piece special and unique because no two pieces are the same. Everyone deserves to feel important and confident and it's Chapiter's goal to make sure you stay that way!